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ObvioHealth is a virtual research organization (VRO) conducting decentralized clinical trials that deliver stronger therapeutic evidence.

I led the design vision, strategy, and zero to one implementation of a React based product suite to run an end-to-end clinical research process. I collaborated with executive leadership, product managers, developers and peers to develop and champion design processes that drive results for patient data capture and clinical support.

Skills 🥷🏻

Zero to One, React desktop app, React Native mobile app, Core Product, Partner Teams, Design System, Third party Integrations

Recognition 🏆

Successful MVP launch! view

Clinical Partnership of the Year Citeline Award view

Team 🦸🏻‍♀️🦹🏼‍♀️🦸🏽‍♂️

Product Manager, Developers, Sales team, Executives

Timeline 🗓️

~ 2 years (Agile development cycle)

Role 👩🏻‍💻

Product Designer, Product Owner for the vertical - Study Manager

Zero to One

There was a dire need to create a product ecosystem that would enable ObvioHealth to run clinical trials.

Study Designer [PRODUCT]

Study Designer is a React software that enables clinicians to create and design clinical research studies that are shared with the study  participants.

As a Product Designer, I lead design research and ideation, facilitated ideation workshop with executives and cross-function teams and developed the UX and UI after several rounds of user-testing. (9).gif

Obvio Go [PRODUCT]

Obvio Go is a React Native mobile application available on Android and IoS App store. This application enables participants of the clinical research studies to participate by answering to all the questionnaires and performing the activities outlined in the application.  

As a Product Designer, I worked on the UX & UI for MVP release along with conducting several rounds of A/B testing and qualitative user testing to measure the performance. (11).gif

Study Manager is a React web application that enables clinical operators to monitor patient activity and manage the performance of the research study. 

As the Product Owner I lead the entire product vertical including and not limited to - Design Vision, Strategy, Design Research and Discovery, Stakeholder management, Ideation, UX & UI, Cross-function collaboration and active part of the product development and sprint cycles. I also developed, managed and maintained the Design System for the prodyct vertical. 

Study Manager [PRODUCT] (16).gif

Partner teams are programs within the platform which are being shared across all the products. This includes - Authentication, Chat, User Profile & Settings, Role Management, Site Management, Environment Management, Audit Log, Alert System, Data Analytics and Shipping. 

I lead the end to end Design, Discovery, Research, Cross-functional Collaboration, Design system and Development for all of the above programs. 


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